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The Return of The Stylus

While to many it may seem that the stylus is dead and obsolete input device, the truth is that it a very much desired and beloved input. Some people seem to cringe even when they here the word “Stylus”, because it used to be very inconvenient and losing said stylus would often render your device unusable, but that has changed and the stylus has become a great secondary input device. What about the stylus is so great, and what evidence do you have that is coming back? The stylus is a great input device because it allows one to do productive such as note taking, drawing, and digitally signing documents. For example you were sent a pdf containing homework and the person who sent it to you wanted in digital form rather than printing the document, writing on it and re-scanning it and sending, just annotate over it with a stylus and send it back to the person. For drawing a stylus is useful because you don’t have to be constantly drawing on paper and re-scanning them, this makes processes such as animation move more efficiently. For note taking your not always carrying around a bunch of notebooks just a stylus and tablet or using a stylus and tablet to take notes in a text book or novel such functionality is very useful for students. So I said many of the reasons why people like the stylus what examples do I have to show that it is coming back? The HTC Flyer a generally well received device advertises its main selling point as having a stylus for drawing, taking notes, and other tasks, while the device is pretty expensive thanks to that N-Trig active digitizer hardware but reviewers have found that the functionality is well implemented and it is worth the extra cost. Dell just before they were going to release the Dell Mini 5 (Now Dell Streak 5) were going to make a special stylus system for that would allow for input through a specialized transparent resistive touchscreen layer over a capacitive touchscreen unfortunately Dell had to get their product to market sooner so they abandoned the idea. Also the HP Slate 500 includes similar active digitizer hardware found in the HTC Flyer and was able to sell reasonably well thanks to that functionality. I’m saving my money up so I can get an HTC Flyer. My final example is the most important one is from the company that started the crusade against stylus powered devices the one only Apple who said “Who wants a stylus” or “If you see a stylus or task manager they did it wrong”, despite these statements Apple applied for patent on a heated stylus with a finepoint tip for idevices, so I’m glad Apple realized to be productive with a touchscreen device a Stylus is almost necessary. Also one of the most popular accessories capacitive touch devices are Pogo type styli that imitate a finger, but a common complaint about these is lack of a fine point tip and pressure sensitivity. So what is active digitizer it is a special touchscreen layer added to a capacitive it enables pressure sensitivity through a bluetooth stylus and palm rejection where it will detect that skin is being placed on the screen to avoid accidental input for uninterrupted use. Remember their is a reason why people say the pen mightier than the sword. Please leave your thoughts down below through a comment.



This a poem that I was inspire to write when I was making another poem. So tell me what you think


Ah I have inspiration maybe I can make this poem

I’m still in the process of contemplation

something of high and worthy aspiration

something that would give me gratification

to my creation and to my affiliation

That will lesson my aggravation

That will further my determination

like a virus my poetry will be a contamination.


The Problem of Corporate Personhood

Collective humanity has always been dangerous because it will often make people do things that are immoral or wouldn’t be done. Corporations are recognized as people despite not being actual entities and have the same rights as people and thus do things like bribe politicians or other things that can influence politics. The problem of corporations is similar to that of the slavery problem where people had more votes because they had slaves, corporations have the rights of people but have money and power that makes them much more powerful than a regular person. A corporation grants the power of person to do non-collective interests over a large collective group of people and because of this our freedom has become neutered in the process. Corporations are the modern slave-owners except think of it as slavery in reverse. The problem with slavery in the 18th and 19th century was slaves weren’t considered people, but now the problem is that corporations are considered people. One person’s interest isn’t necessarily good for everyone. Corporations act as little kingdoms and are even more powerful than religion. In short collective humanity isn’t good but collective humanity in the hands of one person is even worse. We need a amendment that says “A corporation is not a considered a person” Such a simple change will cause much backlash and it will be hard to make this happen but it will one day happen. If corporations prevent this from happening then the only solution might be resorting to create a second civil war, because often an idea becomes hard to accept. That being said war is only an option if it can’t happen “legally”. I hope one day I can witness America being free from the power of corporations.

Archos’ Plans For Generation 9

Archos has big plans for future products and Archos will once again raise the bar for low end devices. These devices will be in the 100-400 dollars product range and will be announced around June. For me the important thing is that these Archos devices will provide a great user experience at a very reasonable price. I think companies like Archos, SmartQ, Viliv, Elocity, MSI, ASUS, Acer, and Viewsonic etc will lead to reasonable pricing from large companies who continue to think that 400-800 dollars is reasonable pricing for something that costs 150-300 dollars to manufacture. So what exactly will these new Archos devices bring? Well good question.

New Processors

Archos Generation 9 will receive a tweaked ARM Cortex A9 from Texas Instruments, these devices will have the new Ti Omap 4440/4430 clocked at 1.6ghz. Currently the fastest ARM Powered devices are clocked 1.2ghz ARM Cortex A9 and most mainstream devices have a dual core 1ghz processor, however such devices are 600-800 dollars, so this is quite an accomplishment for Archos’ sake. Archos generation 9 devices are 40%-60% faster than most ARM devices. Also these devices are more powerful than many low end computer such as netbooks or Cheap laptops. Imagine how great the multitasking and 3d Gaming experience will be for a mobile device.

Form Factors

Archos will offer 6 form factors, they will range from 5inch to 10inch for their larger device and 3-4.3 inches for their smaller devices. You know what this means a true Archos 5 successor with awesome specs and pricing.

New Screens

Hew have you ever had the problem where you always have to cover the screen to view whats on your device, well Archos has realized that is problem. Archos will be adopting a new screen technology that is good in direct sunlight as E-Ink. Unlike E-ink the screens have color and much higher refresh rates. According to Archos these devices will have a “Revolutionary” screen. I personally would like to see 1024×600 screens on the 5 and 7 inch devices and 1280×800 on the 10 inch devices. The form factors will probably be something like this 3.2inch, 3.5inch, 4.3inch, 5inch, 7inch, and 10.1inches.

3G Solution

Archos is again using “Revolutionary” to describe something. Archos will be adopting a 3G solution that allows one to attach and remove 3G Modems. I have no comment on this because I don’t buy 3G data.

These devices are looking to be fantastic I will see if I can get one and do a review when they come out.