Explaining the Precious Metals and Paper Currency Situation

I would like to state that I am not a financial expert and I just stating my opinion on a financial issue Let me start by explaining why metals such as gold, silver, and copper are valuable. These metals are valuable because they are rare, require labor and electricity to obtain; and these metals are also used as a way to store wealth. Also metals such as copper and silver have industrial use in agriculture, electricity and consumer electronics. Paper currency is different because it can be easily created is used primarily in transactions for obtaining goods or services; because paper currency can be generated “out of thin air” so to speak it has no true value compared to precious for the storage of wealth, which is fine because there isn’t enough precious metals to be used as day to day to currency. So what really is the problem with paper vs precious metals?, well the problem is that debt is payed back in paper currency and because of its ability to be created so easily causes wealth to loose much value. You may ask why don’t I just purchase precious metals with US dollars, well because there are taxes and transaction costs which end you up with much less gold than your dollars are worth. Please leave thoughts below.