The Problem of Corporate Personhood

Collective humanity has always been dangerous because it will often make people do things that are immoral or wouldn’t be done. Corporations are recognized as people despite not being actual entities and have the same rights as people and thus do things like bribe politicians or other things that can influence politics. The problem of corporations is similar to that of the slavery problem where people had more votes because they had slaves, corporations have the rights of people but have money and power that makes them much more powerful than a regular person. A corporation grants the power of person to do non-collective interests over a large collective group of people and because of this our freedom has become neutered in the process. Corporations are the modern slave-owners except think of it as slavery in reverse. The problem with slavery in the 18th and 19th century was slaves weren’t considered people, but now the problem is that corporations are considered people. One person’s interest isn’t necessarily good for everyone. Corporations act as little kingdoms and are even more powerful than religion. In short collective humanity isn’t good but collective humanity in the hands of one person is even worse. We need a amendment that says “A corporation is not a considered a person” Such a simple change will cause much backlash and it will be hard to make this happen but it will one day happen. If corporations prevent this from happening then the only solution might be resorting to create a second civil war, because often an idea becomes hard to accept. That being said war is only an option if it can’t happen “legally”. I hope one day I can witness America being free from the power of corporations.